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Three internal publications help spread our enterprise culture. Now we have three internal magazines: "Truthfulness Goodness Perfection", "E-Weekly" and "Collection".

"Truthfulness Goodness Perfectness" was founded in August 2003 with the aim of promoting corporate culture and improving staff quality in Quanta China Manufacturing Headquarters. It is a comprehensive cultural magazine covering company news, corporate culture, the employees’ work, life, study, emotion and so on. It is edited and designed by employees from the editorial board and advocates for full participation. "Truthfulness Goodness Perfection" has become an important carrier of corporate culture and an intimate friend with the staffs.

"E-Weekly" is an electronic edition, which is published weekly on Tuesday and promotes management, inspiration, and communication. The staffs can read it on-line free of charge. A paperback collection is published every six months.

"Collection" is the supplement of "Truthfulness Goodness Perfectness". It is published every March as a collection of good articles contributed by the staffs in Quanta China Manufacturing Headquarters so as to show their capabilities and emotions.

Every year the company will hold essay competitions and photo contests based on corporate culture content and current development situation, in order to let employees learn to think and summarize the influence of corporate culture, come with their proposals and establish efficient platforms for communication. Top essays will be published and given to the staffs as a mementos.
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